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To call "I" a Norwegian supergroup would be nothing short of an understatement: featuring members of the mighty IMMORTAL, GOD SEED and ENSLAVED in its ranks, it came as no surprise that the debut album Between Two Worlds took us to the very roots of high class-Black Metal and further...

With IMMORTAL having disbanded for a few years, the metal scene suffered a great loss. Not only did they spearhead the rise of brutal and epic Norwegian metal, but their live shows where second to none. Frontman Abbath assembled his troops and kicked back with a debut album that picked up where IMMORTAL left off, but with a new edge. With classic riffs, monumental choruses and epic arrangements, Between Two Worlds arrived to set the Metal world on fire!

The obvious hints at the legendary BATHORY (just check out "Far Beyond The Quiet") are meant as a tribute to the deceased mastermind Quorthon: it was written in honor to the highly influential Swedish cult act. Lyricist Demonaz even points out having tried to write in Quorthon's style.

"I" have suceeded in truly combining the best of two worlds: a haunting and epic look at the past of Black Metal, fused with all the hatred and heaviness IMMORTAL is still standing for.

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